About ISOTC 292

ISO/TC 292 was established on January 1 in 2015 and is a committee with over 50 involved countries. It works with standardization in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society. The committee is responsible for more than 20 published International Standards.


Standardization in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society.

Excluded: Sector specific security projects developed in other relevant ISO committees and projects developed in ISO/TC 262 and ISO/PC 278.


The committee has agreed on several objectives as well as a strategic business plan  to guide the standardization activities. 


Over 60 countries (National Standards Bodies) are members of ISO/TC 292 and the committee is working together with several Liaisons. The member list is constantly updated on the webpage of ISO. Find out more about our members here.


ISO/TC 292 was established January 1 in 2015 and has since then achieved quite a lot for a newly born committee. Read more about the history of TC 292  which goes back to the early 2000 and what major milestones that has been passed so far.  



Upcoming events

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22382)
27 April, WebEx

WG 2 meeting (ISO 22332)
28-30 May, [TBD]

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22384)
4 June, WebEx

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22383)
5 June, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
29 May, WebEx

WG 4 meeting
29-30 August, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
[TBD] September, WebEx

6th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
7-12 October, 2018, in Norway [tentative]