In June 2014 the Technical management Board of ISO (TMB) took the decision to create a new ISO Technical committee called ISO/TC 292 where three committees were merged into one. The official starting date for the work of TC 292 was 2015-01-01, when the three committees ISO/TC 223 Societal security, ISO/TC 247 Fraud countermeasures and controls and ISO/PC 284 Management system for quality of private security company (PSC) operations were disbanded and their work incorporated into ISO/TC 292. The committee was also assigned the responsability for the area of supply chain security, including the ISO 28000 series previously developed by ISO/TC 8.

The creation of ISO/TC 292 clarifies ISO’s structural organization on security matters, and prepares ISO to tackle future topics in this field by creating a de-facto coordination body within the TC central structure. This structure is optimized to limit and prevent conflict or duplication of work. It will assist public administrations/authorities with a general interest and protective mission to optimize their participation in ISO's work in this sector. Non-Profit organizations with limited resources will also benefit from this simplified structure.

Activities of the merged committees before 2015 are described in the following links.

ISO/TC 223 Societal security (2001-2014)

ISO/TC 247 Fraud countermeasures and controls (2009-2014)

ISO/PC 284 Management system for quality of PSC operations (2013-2014)



Upcoming events

WG 4 meeting (NWIP)
17 Dec, WebEx

WG 2 meeting (ISO 22313)
15-17 January, London

Communication Group meeting, 
[TBD] February, Zoom 

WG 3 meeting,
[TBD] March 2019, Calgary

WG 2 meeting,
[TBD] May 2019 [TBD]

7th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
[TBD] September, in Bangkok, Thailand 2019

8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
[TBD] June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany