ISO/TC 292 has the following objectives:

• Assess the needs of the international community for standards to be developed within the scope of this committee – the approach will be demand driven by market needs and contributions from national standards bodies

• Ensure standards developed by TC are needed, practical, user friendly and capable of being integrated into other systems and practices

• Support the interests of public and private sectors in creating solutions through international standards – while respecting competing interests of stakeholders.

• Create standards that enhance awareness and capabilities to security and/or resilience of affected organizations and individuals.

• Develop standards that enhance national and international trade through increased reliability of supply chains and business interactions.

• Develop standards which could provide requirements and guidance to entities that wish to manage security and resilience.

• Develop standards that enhance organizations’ agility, flexibility and adaptive capacity in an ever changing environment.

• Create a recognized and neutral body of work and expertise in a critical area of commerce and establish a forum of international expertise to build consensus focused solutions

• Leverage cooperation with other standardization organizations in developing comprehensive and effective solutions through standards.

• Compile terminology respecting the diverse disciplines within the scope of ISO/TC 292.

• Develop and maintain a comprehensive work programme and road map for all areas of standardization in ISO/TC 292.

• Regularly solicit feedback from end users.



Upcoming events

22 February, Zoom
WG 5 meeting (ISO 22392)

14 March, Zoom
WG 2 meeting (ISO 22317/18)

26-29 March in Calgary
WG 3 meeting

1-4 April in Paris
WG 6 meeting

[TBD] May, Zoom
Communication Group meeting

14-17 May in Tokyo
WG 4 meeting

20-24 May in Delft
WG 2 meeting

8-13 September in Bangkok, Thailand
7th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting

[TBD] June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting