Convenors appointed in ISO/TC 292

At the first meeting of ISO/TC 292 a new organization was decided to conduct the work: six Working Groups together with the two support functions Communication Group and a Developing Country Contact Group. Today the secretariat presented the newly elected leaderships for each group.

Norma McCormick (Canada)
Convenor of WG 1: Terminology

James Crask (UK)
Convenor of WG 2: Continuity and resilience

Rainar Koch (Germany)
Convenor of WG 3: Emergency management

Wolfgang Klasen (Germany)
Convenor of WG 4: Fraud countermeasures and controls

Duncan Shaw (UK)
Convenor of WG 5: Public and community resilence

Zoran Kekoviz (Serbia)
Convenor of DCCG: Developing Country Contact Group

Stefan Tangen (Sweden)
Convenor of CG: Communication Group

However, two of the nominations for Convenorship in Working Group 6 Security received the same amount of votes. There will therefore be a second round of voting before a convenor can be announced. 

Upcoming events

22 February, Zoom
WG 5 meeting (ISO 22392)

14 March, Zoom
WG 2 meeting (ISO 22317/18)

26-29 March in Calgary
WG 3 meeting

1-4 April in Paris
WG 6 meeting

[TBD] May, Zoom
Communication Group meeting

14-17 May in Tokyo
WG 4 meeting

20-24 May in Delft
WG 2 meeting

8-13 September in Bangkok, Thailand
7th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting

[TBD] June, 2020, in Berlin, Germany
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting