TC 292 in Australian cybersecurity magazine

At the ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting in Sydney, Chris Cubbage from Australian Cybersecurity Magazine took the opportunity to talk to some of the more active people in the committee which resulted in two podcast which now have been published.

In the first podcast, Chris Cubbage interviews  the Chair of ISO/TC 292, Åsa Kyrk Gere, together with the host of the 5th plenary meeting in Sydney and Chair of ISO/TC 262, Jason Brown. Standardization in Security and resilience are discussed and both Chairs give their view on the work.   

In the second podcast, Chris Cubbage interviews the Convenor of WG 6, Patrick Butor and project leader Matthew Curtis and discuss the topic of protective security standardization 

The interviews are available here:

Upcoming events

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22382)
27 April, WebEx

WG 2 meeting (ISO 22332)
28-30 May, [TBD]

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22384)
4 June, WebEx

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22383)
5 June, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
29 May, WebEx

WG 4 meeting
29-30 August, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
[TBD] September, WebEx

6th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
7-12 October, 2018, in Norway [tentative]