Working Group 1 - Terminology

This Working Group is responsible the coordination of terminology issues in the committee and the development of terms and definitions in the field of security and resilience.

WG 1 has also assumed a leadership role within the committee for ISO’s User Friendly Standards initiative, responding to requests for review of committee drafts and encouraging the use of plain English.

What makes a standard “user-friendly”? Norma

"The purpose of language is to communicate concepts in an effective way.  The extent to which a standard user can understand and apply the requirements of standard depends on the content being clear and concise.  To accomplish this objective, the standard should be written with the user in mind. Therefore, it is important to determine who will use it, and how it will be applied.

Drafters are encouraged to develop a short, clear scope statement. The content must be consistent with the scope of the standard and be written using common language where possible. The requirements (what is to be done to comply with the standard) should be set out in simple, positive statements. Where possible the use of technical terms should be avoided and when used, they should be defined when their meaning is not clear."

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Convenor Norma McCormick, 

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ISO 22300 Security and resilience - Terminology [Revision]




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