Working Group 6 - Protective security

This Working Group is responsible for drafting standards in the field of security management and private security operations.

For more information contact:Patrick

Convenor: Patrick Butor

Secretary: Melissa Jean

Ongoing projects

ISO 22340 Security and resilience - Protective security - Architecture, framework and guidelines

ISO 22341 Security and resilience - Protective security - Security and crimeprevention by urban design and management

ISO/TS 22375 Security and resilience - Guidelines for business complexity analysis




Upcoming events

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22382)
27 April, WebEx

WG 2 meeting (ISO 22332)
28-30 May, [TBD]

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22384)
4 June, WebEx

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22383)
5 June, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
29 May, WebEx

WG 4 meeting
29-30 August, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
[TBD] September, WebEx

6th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
7-12 October, 2018, in Norway [tentative]