ISO 22313 Security and resilience - Business continuity management systems - Guidance

This project will revise ISO 22313 which was first published in 2012. This International Standard provides guidance based on good international practice for creating a business continuity management system (BCMS) in accordance with the requirements set out in ISO 22301. The revision is being done in conjuntion with the revision of ISO 22301 ensuring that both documents are fully compatible with eachothers.

The purpose of ISO 22313 is to expand on and illustrate the requirements in a way that makes them clearer and less confusing. Where appropriate, it provides alternative, acceptable interpretations and identifies the relationships between the different elements of ISO 22301.

ISO 22313 is suitable for all sizes and types of organizations, including large, medium and small organizations operating in industrial, commercial, public and not-for-profit sectors and can be used to:

  • establish, implement, maintain and improve a BCMS
  • ensure conformance with the organization's business continuity policy or
  • make a self-determination and self-declaration of compliance with this International Standard.

ISO 22313 is not suitable for an organization to assess its BCMS. If an organizations wishes to assess its BCMS and demonstrate to others its conformance or seek certification of its BCMS by an accredited third party certification body, it should use ISO 22301.


Malcolm Cornish (UK), the project leader responsible for the revision of ISO 22313, explains:

"This Standard enables an organization to design a BCMS that is appropriate to its needs and meets the requirements of its interested parties. Such needs and requirements are shaped by legal, regulatory, organizational and industry requirements, the organization's products and services, the processes it employs, the environment in which it operates, the size and structure of the organization and the requirements of its interested parties."


Working Group 2 is responsible for this project and is looking for more experts with expertice in BCM. If you wish to join the project team, please contact your National Standards Body.  

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