ISO 22381 Security and resilience - Authenticity, integrety and trust for products and documents - Guidelines for interoperability of product identification and authentication systems

This project will result in an International Standard with guidelines that establish best practice on how to plan, implement and monitor interoperability among object identification systems. Such systems are being and already have been established to deter counterfeiting and illicit trade. Interoperability may be established on different system levels.

This international standard may be used by to those, who are planning and putting in place interoperability.

Marietta Ulrich-Horn (Austria), the project leader responsible for the development of ISO 22381, explains:Marietta Ulrich Horn

"The functional units, defined in ISO 16678, may be involved in interoperability in several ways. The goals, why interoperability is established may vary. Responses and data transactions may involve various parties - user groups - and may be designed to be uniform per user groups or not. Interoperability may happen by data transfer i.e. from object to object, from system to system, or it may be established by routing functions, brokering among independent systems. Interoperability may apply for object identification systems, which provide end to end verification, or for such systems, which collect information on the supply chain as well, the latter often being referred to as track & trace systems.

Therefore, interoperability may refer to inputs into systems, such as adding trace information along the supply chain, or they may be output oriented, such as generating responses for various interested parties. A typical basic output may include the information, of whether a code has been assigned to an original product."


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