ISO 22384 Security and resilience - Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents - Guidelines to establish and monitor a protection plan and its implementation

This project will develop an International Standard intended for enterprises involved in the development and introduction of suitable protection concepts against counterfeiting, illegal reproduction and trade of illegal goods. It will specify basics and requirements for the process of the preparation, implementation and evaluation of a protection plan against counterfeiting, illegal reproduction and trade of illegal goods.

Steffen Zimmermann (Germany), the proposer of the project, explains:

"Due to the increasing level of interconnection of the global economy and the growing availability of complex manufacturing processes as well as globalized trade relations there is a growing motivation and ability for counterfeiting and unfair trade. This is shown by the constantly growing numbers of confiscations of brand piracy and illegal products. In order to introduce protection measures in a precise and effective way, the enterprises require a decision support for the selection and combination of the appropriate organizational, technical and judicial measures from various areas, depending on the respective threat. Protection measures offered on the market a priory only represent part of a solution. For a closed protection concept, the reasonable combination of individual measures and their successful evaluation is necessary."

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