ISO 22380 Security and resilience - Authenticity, integrety and trust for products and documents - General principles for product fraud risk

This project will develop an International Standard that addresses a variety of product-related fraud crimes, types of product fraudsters, and the strategic business countermeasures which public or private stakeholders should know and consider in order for them to prevent or reduce any tangible or intangible loss and cost from such fraudulent attacks in a cost-effective manner.

Hyeonho Park (Korea), the project leader responsible for the development of ISO 22380, explains:Park

"There is evidence that virtually every type of product fraud has been committed, including counterfeiting of infant formula,  prescription drugs, consumer goods and aftermarket parts for automobile, aircraft and nuclear power plants. A large number of individual or organized criminal groups who are committing product fraud with diverse motivations such as financial gain are threatening global public health and safety. The public health and safety risks associated with product fraud are diverse when the products are distributed through legitimate global supply chain.

This standard starts with understanding the external and internal context of product fraud, such as product marketplaces together with product fraud-related opportunity as the causes of the fraud. This is followed by the intention and motive of product fraud, types of product fraud, types of product fraudsters and strategic countermeasures against product fraud.

The product fraud countermeasures are carried out by understanding basic element of the countermeasures and are composed of profiling product fraud, risk assessment, and selection / implementation of bespoke countermeasures"



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