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11th plenary meeting in Berlin, Germany (May, 2011)

Summary of important decisions

  • ISO/TC 223 decides to change the title of WG 3 to "Emergency management".
  • ISO/TC 223 agrees to divide ISO 22351 into two separate documents and requests the secretariat to take the necessary actions for this change.
  • ISO/TC 223 encourages members to review ISO Draft Guide 83 and requests its secretariat to organise an ad hoc group meeting (possible webinar) with representatives from WG 4 to prepare an appropriate response to the TMB based on comments received.
  • ISO/TC 223 decides to establish an Advisory Group charged with the following tasks: 1)    study the British proposal further and the presentation made by UNISDR; 2) suggest an appropriate title and terms of reference; 3) investigate which organisations and liaisons that may participate; 4) initiate discussions in a timely manner with relevant stakeholders in order to clarify the terms of reference and raise interest. ISO/TC 223 accepts the offer from BSI to act as secretariat and facilitator.
  • ISO/TC 223 recognises and salutes Mrs Regina Lehniger on her retirement after many years of dedicated service in ISO.


Upcoming events

21-26 June, 2020
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
Virtual WG meetings will be held but the plenary has been postponed du to the Covid-19 situation. More information will be postad as soon as available.

[TBD] September, Zoom
Communication Group meeting