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5th plenary meeting in Seoul, Korea (May, 2008)

Summary of important decisions

  • ISO/TC 223 decides that the TG 2 is dissolved, since it has completed its task.
  • ISO/TC 223 decides to establish a Working Group (WG 4) on "Preparedness and continuity".
  • ISO/TC 223 decides that ISO/PAS 22399:2007 will be circulated as a Committee Draft, before being initiated as a Draft International Standard, in order to allow further development and consistency with the new work item proposal ISO/NP 22301. 
  • ISO/TC 223 decides to form an ad hoc group on "Societal security technological capabilities" which will conduct a study to identify the "key technical domains" that are important for the work of the committee and recommend how the committee should deal with identified "key technical domains"
  • ISO/TC 223 asks its secretariat to review the business plan of the committee as well as consider actions to market the committee to attract additional experts to participate.


Upcoming events

21-26 June, 2020
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
Virtual WG meetings will be held but the plenary has been postponed du to the Covid-19 situation. More information will be postad as soon as available.

[TBD] September, Zoom
Communication Group meeting