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Workshops and seminars

*DEVCO Workshop on Developing country awareness, held in Belgrad, Serbia October, 2013

*Workshop on Information sharing, held in Seoul, Korea, July 1, 2012

*DEVCO Workshop on Developing country awareness, held in Benin, 2011

DEVCO Workshop on Developing country awareness, held in Bogota, Colombia 26-28 September, 2010


Workshop on Emergency management capability assessment, held in Shanghai, China 16-17 September, 2010

Workshop on Public warning, held in Tokyo, Japan September, 2009              


Upcoming events

21-26 June, 2020
8th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
Virtual WG meetings will be held but the plenary has been postponed du to the Covid-19 situation. More information will be postad as soon as available.

[TBD] September, Zoom
Communication Group meeting