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CEN decides to adopt ISO 22300 and ISO 22301 as European standards

ISO 22300 on terminology and ISO 22301 on BCM requirements that was published in 2012 have now been adopted by CEN (the European standardization organization) as European standards. The decision was taken through CEN/TC 391, the European committee on Societal and citizen security.

European Standards (ENs) are documents that have been ratified by one of the three European Standardization Organizations (ESOs), CEN, CENELEC or ETSI; recognized as competent in the area of voluntary technical standardization and listed in Annex I of EU Directive 98/34/EC.

An EN (European Standard) “carries with it the obligation to be implemented at national level by being given the status of a national standard and by withdrawal of any conflicting national standard". Therefore, a European Standard (EN) automatically becomes a national standard in each of the 33 CEN-CENELEC member countries


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