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Interview with Carolina Angulo Fandiño, Columbia

Carolina Angulo Fandino works for the Columbian standardization organization ICONTEC. At the plenary meeting in Sydney she acted as head of delegation for Columbia.

Isotc292online.org: You are a member of Colombia mirror committee to TC 292. Can you briefly introduce your NSB and mirror committee, please? 

HoD: ICONTEC is the NSB of Colombia. It’s a private non-profit organization Created in 1963. By now, Icontec coordinates 276 national technical committees, within them 205. Security and resilience committee, which has adopted the international scope of ISO/TC 292. It is a multi-disciplinary group, composed by:

  • Academic and professional bodies (2 people), 
  • Government or regulators(6 people),
  • Industry and commerce (65 people),
  • Non-governmental organization (1 people),
  • Testing, inspection, certification or accreditation bodies (5 people) and
  • Standards body or NSB staff (1people)

Isotc292online.org: Who are the key stakeholders of Security and resilience in Colombia?

HoD: According to law, Financial Services Companies have the mandatory fulfillment of some requirements of ISO 22301. Furthermore, National Management Risk Units (all over Colombia) dictate guidelines to the departmental units and emergency bodies about incident response, volunteer involvements, color coded alerts, among others related with emergency managements.

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 covers a broad spectrum of standards. In what areas are Colombia’s  main interests in the committee?

HoD: ISO 22301, ISO 22313, ISO 22320, ISO 18788, ISO 22398, ISO/TR 22317, ISO/TR 22316, ISO/TR 22319, ISO 22332 and ISO 28000 Series

Isotc292online.org: How do you work currently in these areas (e.g.: are there any laws, regulations, national standards or other rules?) and how can ISO standards help?

HoD: The only national standard that has not been adopted from ISO/TC 292 was about Crisis Management.  We use ISO standards for involving and establish requirements in regulation.

Isotc292online.org: So far have you adopted any standards developed by ISO/TC 292 as a national standard in Colombia?

HoD: Yes, above mentioned in previous question (ISO 22301, ISO 22313, ISO 22320, ISO 18788, ISO 22398, ISO/TR 22317, ISO/TR 22316, ISO/TR 22319, ISO 22332, ISO 28000 Series)

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 is now working on updating ISO 22301.  What is your interest in this project and how would you like to see it develop?  

HoD: ISO 22301 is widely used in Colombia; one side by the financial services companies because is mandatory; the other side, oil and gas, energy, informatics services and airlines companies have been identified as strong users of the standard for ensuring the sustainability of their organizations and their brands.

Isotc292online.org: How does your mirror committee involve itself in standard development at present and how do you see this developing in the future?

HoD: At present, NC just represent Colombia position in international meetings and submit comments to balloting process; in the future, we pretend to propose some topics (some of them by twining other by our own part) in order to reflect and share our experience in application of standards in this field.

Isotc292online.org: What advice can you give to interested parties in Colombia who want to offer their input to the work of ISO/TC 292 and your mirror committee and who should they address?  

HoD: Firstable, ICONTEC has some requirements for international participation from experts. One of them is the active participation in national committee. A member of a national committee has some duties like disseminate the work within the documents; implement strategies and policies about standardization process, and; submit all comments and observations as possible for enhancing and improving the content of a standard. Then, ICONTEC tries to replicate this to international level and encourages to experts to participate and share those committee experiences and his own to an international committee so that can be reflected in ISO standards.

Isotc292online.org: Other possible projects for the committee to work on?  

HoD: We are currently working on a twining up with UK for a Crisis Management project. We also want to be very active in the revision of ISO 28000.

Interview made by Linley Biblow, Canada and member of the ISO/TC 292 Communication Group