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Working Group 1 - Terminology

This Working Group is responsible the coordination of terminology issues in the committee and the development of terms and definitions in the field of security and resilience.

WG 1 has also provides a leadership role within the committee for ISO’s User NormaFriendly Standards initiative, reviewing committee drafts and encouraging the use of clear language. As part of this initiative we have the opportunity to encourage the consistency and alignment of committee drafts, promote the use of common terms and definitions in TC 292 standards and provide guidance on how to write standards in understandable English, keeping a focus on the needs of the standards users.

What makes a standard “user-friendly”?

"The purpose of language is to communicate concepts in an effective way.  The extent to which a standard user can understand and apply the requirements of standard depends on the content being clear and concise.  To accomplish this objective, the standard should be written with the user in mind. Therefore, it is important to determine who will use it, and how it will be applied.

Drafters are encouraged to develop a short, clear scope statement. The content must be consistent with the scope of the standard and be written using common language where possible. The requirements (what is to be done to comply with the standard) should be set out in simple, positive statements. Where possible the use of technical terms should be avoided and when used, they should be defined when their meaning is not clear."

What is next for WG 1?

"We have recently completed the revision of ISO 22300, adding new terms and definitions from TC 292 standards published since the last revision. The FDIS ballot received 100% approval. As ISO 22300 is intended to be a “living document”, we maintain a standing document on “Consistency and alignment of working drafts and the development of terms and definitions for use in ISO/TC 292 Standards”. This a lexicon to which we adding terms and definitions as they are developed in working and committee drafts and is intended to be used as a resource by the other TC 292 Working Groups.   

While TC 292 standards are developed in English, they may be translated into other languages as they are adopted. WG 1 benefits from the participation of non-English speakers to address translation concerns as standards are drafted and can identify terms and definitions that may present problems in translation.

Going forward, Working Group 1 will look for ways to strengthen the co-operation between ISO and UNISDR  (the United Nations Office for Disaster Reduction) through engagement with the Open-Ended Intergovernmental Expert Working Group on Indicators and Terminology."

For more information contact: 

Convenor: Norma McCormick, 
E-mail: normachw@mymts.net


Secretary: Kevin Knight

Ongoing projects

ISO 22300 Security and resilience - Vocabulary [Revision 3rd edition]