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Working Group 1 - Terminology

This Working Group is responsible the coordination of terminology issues in the committee and the development of terms and definitions in the field of security and resilience.


For more information contact: 
Convenor: Stefan TangenStefan Tangen
E-mail: stefan.tangen@msb.se



Ongoing projects

The 3rd edition of ISO 22300 was published in 2021, but WG 1 will soon start preparing for the next edition since this document is constantly expanded by new defnitions from new standards.

ISO 22300 Security and resilience - Vocabulary [Revision 4th edition]   

Upcoming events

27 June, Zoom
Working Group 10

22 August, Zoom
Working Group 1

1 Sept, Zoom
Communication Group meeting 

Q1, 2022, [TBD] 
10th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting

Q4, 2022, [TBD]  
11th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting