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Åsa Kyrk Gere (Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency) is the Chair of ISO/TC 292 and is responsible for leading the work of the committee. SIS (Swedish Standards Institute) is responsible for the secretariat of the committee by administering the work and making sure that everyone follow the rules within ISO standardization. The actual development of the standards is done in various Working Groups which focus on certain areas within the field of security and resilience.






Chair: Åsa Kyrk Gere  

Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency       


 Susanna Björk

Committee manager: Susanna Björk

SIS (Swedish Institute for Standards)


ISO/TC 292 currently has the following organisation.  

Working Group 1: Terminology

Working Group 2Continuity and organizational resilience 

Working Group 3: Emergency management

Working Group 4: Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents

Working Group 5: Community resilience

Working Group 6: Protective security

Working Group 7: Guidelines for events

Working Group 8: Supply chain security

Working Group 9: Crisis management

Working Group 10: Preparedness

Joint Working Group 1: Managing emerging risk (Joint work with ISO/TC 262)

CG: Communication Group

DCCG: Developing Country Cooperation Group

UNCG: UN Cooperation Group

Large organizational scheme