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Interview with Ivano Roveda, Italy

Ivano Roveda is the chair of Italy's mirror committee to ISO/TC 292. He is also the project leader of the work on ISO/TS 22375 giving guidance on complexity analysis. Previously he acted as project leader for ISO 22397 on guidance for establishing public private partnerships.

Isotc292online.org: You are a member of Italy’s mirror committee to TC 292. Can you briefly introduce your NSB and mirror committee, please?Ivano Roveda  

HoD: The national standards body is UNI - Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione. Ivano Roveda is President of the TC 292 Mirror Committee and co-ordinates the activities of five working groups.

Isotc292online.org: Who are the key stakeholders of Security and resilience in Italy?

HoD: The Mirror Committee is primarily consultants but has no business representatives.

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 covers a broad spectrum of standards. In what areas are main interests in the committee?

HoD:  The five working groups work on a broad range of standards. Working Group 1– Archetypes focuses on the development of standards that improve relationships within and across organization to improve inter-organizational  co-operation  and business collaboration.  Working Group 2 on Risk Management is made up of experts interested in the work of TC 262.  They are now developing a new guideline for the application of Risk Management Principles to SMEs.  Working Group 5 deals with Security Management and is now starting work to develop a standard on Large Event security. Working Group 6 covers Civil Protection. Last year it published a standard setting out the requirement to assist with the development of skills, knowledge and competence for in disaster management. The last Working Group 7 has an interest in Free Beach Safety developing standards that can help the users of free beaches to assess the safety of the beachfront facilities including water quantity.

Isotc292online.org: How do you work currently in these areas (e.g.: are there any laws, regulations, national standards or other rules?) and how can ISO standards help?

HoD: UNI is looking for ways to encourage communities to consider and apply standards but it is difficult to get the municipalities involved or willing to see the benefit of adopting standards for the benefit of their citizens.  UNI has recently established a Centre for standards study under the direction of Adarosa Ruffini to find the best way to promote the awareness and use of standards.

Isotc292online.org: So far have you adopted any standards developed by ISO/TC 292 as a national standard in Italy?

HoD: ISO 22301 and ISO 22300 have been adopted as national standards. Progress is being made on encouraging the adoption of other TC292 standards on Emergency Management and the use of spontaneous volunteers.

Isotc292online.org:  What is your interest in this project and how would you like to see it develop? 

HoD: ISO/TC 292 is now working on ISO/DTS 22375, Security and resilience – Guidelines for complexity assessment process.  The standards will be published following resolution of comments

Isotc292online.org: How does your mirror committee involve itself in standard development at present and how do you see this developing in the future?

HoD:  The TC 292 Private-Public Partnership standard, ISO 22397 was lead by Italy and has been adopted by United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). Italian experts participated with other international contibutors to encourage reference to this standard titled Guidelines for establishing partnering arrangements, in the UNEP/APELL Handbook. It provides examples for PPP implementation. UNEP/APELL has been active in a number of locations over the past 25 years.  Key aspects are the involvement of the community at the local level in multi-stakeholder groups that include industry and the local authorities to encourage open communication. The ISO 22397 is the only TC 292 standard cited in this handbook.

Isotc292online.org: What advice can you give to interested parties in Italy who want to offer their input to the work of ISO/TC 292 and your mirror committee and who should they address? 

HoD: Contact UNI - Ente Nazionale Italiano di Unificazione Via Sannio, 2, 20137 Milano MI, Italy   Telephone +39 02 700241

Isotc292online.org: Possible new projects for TC 292?   

HoD: No suggestions for the time beeing

Interview made by Norma McCormick, Canada and Convenor of Working Group 1 Terminology