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Interview with Jean-Louis Kibort

We took the opportunity to talk to with Jean -Louis Kibort, Head of Global Corporate Security at L’Oréal International, Clichy, France regarding their involmentment in standardization in ISO/TC 292.

You are supporting the process of drafting ISO 22342 Security and resilience – Protective security – Guidelines for the development of a security plan for an organization – can you briefly introduce your organization please?

L’Oréal answer:

The L’Oréal Global Corporate Security Department is tasked to protect our 82 600 people, our physical assets (HQ, Plants, Distribution center, R&I centers etc.) and our strategic information. We have a worldwide network of more than 120 security managers to cover a wide range of topics such as Crisis Management, Information protection, building/physical assets protections, Retail Security, Reporting & Alert, Risk evaluation, Events Security, Travel Security.

We have published our Security Management System in 2018, describing in detail the security requirements to be in place and observed in all our entities, now allowing us to measure our security performance through self-assessments, security reviews and audits. We have also completed the security job descriptions in order to define clear responsibilities and increase our visibility inside the Group.

ISO 22342 is a project under the responsibility of ISO/TC 292/WG 6. Can you describe what the new standard will be about?

L’Oréal answer:

This standard will consist in a set of guidelines, describing how to elaborate a security plan for any type of entity. We really believe that such a standard is a necessity in today’s VUCA world (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) in which every company must demonstrate its ability to fulfil its Duty of Care.

How are you addressing the issues covered in the future standard today and do you plan to use the new standard in the future.

L’Oréal answer:

The future standard will help us to ensure we are addressing the right issues in a comprehensive manner (Global Security Approach). It will also provide us with a clear frame to assess the security performance and compliance of our entities. We have already developed our »in house approach« to these topics but we really beleive that a recognized standard will help establish Security Management as one of the priorities for all Top managers. It will also help us to improve our communication on security issues and to develop a security culture in our organization.

isotc292online.org: What benefits do you expect from the new standard?

L’Oréal answer:

We expect to improve continuously our security management system

  • »Business enabler approach«
  • Easy to implement / integration with business partners
  • Structured to be aligned with Risk Management Standard (ISO 31000)
  • Positively complete ISO 22340 architecture, frameworks and guidelines
  • Reference framework for a security compliance assessment policy

How do you support the drafting of the new standard?

L’Oréal answer:

As a member of the French commission of AFNOR mirroring TC 292 since 2017 and member of WG 6 since 2018, our contribution in 2019 will enable us to share some experience and feed-back on the implementation of our security management system.

As of today, there are 35 standards under the direct responsibility of ISO/TC 292 – which of them is relevant for you and have you used any of them?

L’Oréal answer:

  1. ISO 22301 on the requirements for a Business Continuity Management System
  2. ISO 28000 series on security management             

What were your experiences and which where the benefits of using those standards?

L’Oréal answer:

These standards were very useful when we drafted our Security Management System, in particular regarding crisis management and reporting guidelines.

Interview conducted by Patrick Butor, France, convenor of ISO/TC 292 WG 6 and Dr. Frank Herdmann, Germany, member of the TC 292 Communication Group

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