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Interview with Marietta Ulrich Horn, Austria

The third interview we conducted in Sydney at the ISO/TC 292 plenery was with Dr. Marietta Ulrich-Horn, HoD Austria. She is also the project leader on ISO 22381.

Isotc292online.org: You are a member of Austria´s mirror committee to TC 292. Can you briefly introduce your NSB and mirror committee, please?  Marietta Ulrich Horn

HoD: The Austrian´s standards institute is long established in the Austrian industry. Today it is very much aligned with CEN and ISO. ASI is well known as the center of industrial innovation and standardization: As HoD my role is building a bridge between discussions on the Austrian and global level of standardization.

Isotc292online.org: Who are the key stakeholders of security and resilience in Austria?

HoD: These are mainly communities and public institutions often based on voluntary work to step in, when security and disaster solutions are required: Especially when dealing with floods, avalanches, fire or earthquakes. In addition, security deals with the fight against illicit trade and counterfeiting, the area I am an expert in.

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 covers a broad spectrum of standards. In what areas are Austria´s  main interests in the committee?

HoD: Authenticity, Integrity and Trust for products and documents are the main interests on the global standardization level. Working as project leader in WG 4 gives me the opportunity to bring in my expertise in this important area.

Isotc292online.org: How do you work currently in these areas (e.g.: are there any laws, regulations, national standards or other rules?) and how can ISO standards help?

HoD: Currently major interest is coming from regulation for traceability of pharmaceutical and tobacco products. International standards are considered by these industries as a basis to fulfill the legal requirements.

Isotc292online.org: So far have you adopted any standards developed by ISO/TC 292 as a national standard in Austria?

HoD: Yes.  Austria is using ISO standards all over the place.

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 is now working on a standard that would guide brands to protect themselves efficiently against being counterfeited.  What is your interest in this project and how would you like to see it develop?  

HoD: To support effectively global brands in their efforts to fight against the rising security risks of counterfeiting their products and the dangerous effects on consumers.

Isotc292online.org: How does your mirror committee involve itself in standard development at present and how do you see this developing in the future?

HoD: We are active in developing standards and will also continue doing that in the future.

Isotc292online.org: What advice can you give to interested parties in Austria who want to offer their input to the work of ISO/TC 292 and your mirror committee  and who should they address? 

HoD: My advice to interested parties would be: participate in developing standards! Only participation can change the world.

Isotc292online.org: What possible projects should TC 292 do in the future?   

HoD: Any projects making the world more resilient and secure.

Interview conducted by Joachim Koerner, Germany, member of the TC 292 Communication Group