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Interview with Patrick Butor, France

Patrick Butor is responsible for standardization in the French Home Office and the chairman of the committee of security in AFNOR. He is also the convenor of ISO/TC 262 WG 6 since its creation.

Isotc292online.org: You are a member of mirror committee to TC 292 in France. Can you briefly introduce your NSB and mirror committee, please?Patrick Butor

HoD: AFNOR is the national standardization body for France with a division for standardization and a division for certification and training. Our mirror committee with in AFNOR by now has more than 100 members. It has 5 working groups which is an effective an efficient parallel organization to TC 292 with only the terminology group being left out.

Isotc292online.org: Who are the key stakeholders of security and resilience in France?

HoD: The stakeholders are major companies in the field of defense and security and other large companies like Renault and L’Oreal and public transport companies like SNCF and RATP as well as small companies in the field of IT and other areas.

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 covers a broad spectrum of standards. In what areas are the main interests within the French committee?

HoD: One of our main interests is the good cooperation between the public and private security entities. This is very important for big events like the European Soccer Championship or the Olympic Games. For such events public forces have to be reinforced by private entities which have to work at the same level and with a common understanding as the public entities.

Isotc292online.org: How do you work currently in these areas (e.g.: are there any laws, regulations, national standards or other rules?) and how can ISO standards help?

HoD: We used to work with national rules and literature but more and more it becomes relevant to work with standards which is compulsory in a global world with standardization in important fields. As there is more and more international traffic of goods and people this is evident for example for airports and transborder supply chains.

Isotc292online.org: So far have you adopted any standards developed by ISO/TC 292 as national standards in France?

HoD: Nationally, we basically implement the ISO standards directly in their form of international standards. For instance the Palais du Festival du Cannes makes use of ISO 18788 to recruit private security services.

Isotc292online.org: ISO/TC 292 has a special focus on security standardization. What is your specific interest in this field?

HoD: We are in a digital world and there is no security without digital devices. Therefore we have to organize the governance of the digital means of those devices. This is my special point of interest.

Isotc292online.org: How does your mirror committee involve itself in standard development at present and how do you see this developing in the future?

HoD: Our 5 working groups in the mirror committee work parallel to the Working Groups 2 – 6 in TC 292. We will continue to work in this manner.

Isotc292online.org: What advice can you give to interested parties in France who want to offer their input to the work of ISO/TC 292 and your mirror committee and who should they address?

HoD: They should aspire to become members of the mirror committee which by now already has 100 members. They should address AFNOR and our secretaries Nicola Scuto (nicola.scuto@afnor.org) and Melissa Jean (melissa.jean@afnor.org).

Isotc292online.org: What are the important future projects for ISO/TC 292?

HoD: One of the important projects of the future will be the revision of the ISO 28000 series on the security of the supply chain.

Interview conducted by Dr. Frank Herdmann, Germany, member of the TC 292 Communication Group