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Interview with the Chair about the upcoming plenary in Korea

In a couple of week’s time ISO/TC 292 will have its 4th plenary meeting together with all its working groups. We took the opportunity to talk to the Chair Åsa Kyrk Gere about the status of the work.

Now the committee has been working for over 2 years. How do you feel the work is progressing?

The work is progressing as expected. TC 292 had an impressive start. We had most of our foundation decided after our first inaugural meeting and our initial structure was in place during the first year. Since then, things have steadily been developing, step by step as they should. What we have to remember is that our work and our TC is constantly evolving and we never get to the finish line. There is always more to do and more improvements to make.

We always need to be working on active engagement, attracting experts with adequate knowledge and experience, coordination, transparency to ensure efficiency and high quality standardization. In addition, we now need to secure our direction and complete the work with our TC Roadmap and identify our core group of standards of TC 292.

Are there any particular challenges the committee needs to solve?

TC 292 needs to look over its project plan. After our upcoming 4th TC meeting in Korea, most of our projects will be sent out for DIS (Draft International Standard)  – second to last stage. A DIS has a longer process than a CD (Committee Draft), which was the reason why we in the leadership moved the 5th meeting in Australia to March 2018. After our 5th TC meeting in March, we will have the results from all of the DIS and these will be handled. Technically speaking, if no actions are taken after that meeting, TC 292 may have very few, if any projects (new projects are currently proposed by the members or the TC leadership). This could jeopardize the continuity of the committee and national mirror committees.   

TC 292 is a multi-sectorial TC that would benefit from a wide taxonomy of sectors and experts with adequate knowledge and experience. This is one of the most critical issues for our committee.    

What are your expectations for this meeting?

I expect this meeting to be very challenging, positive and productive. Most of our projects are getting ready for DIS , which means that most issues need to be solved in our WGs within this week in order to progress forward to the next level.

On the TC level we have six Ad Hoc groups that will report to the TC. Using Ad Hoc Groups are a very efficient way to isolate a task/issue to be dealt with, open to everyone to engage in, and for the TC to review and get a report and set the direction on.

This time you will meet in the island of Jeju. What do you think about having a meeting in Korea?

Fantastic! Korea has been a great supporter and contributor to TC 292 since the start, so it’s perfectly natural to have a meeting in Korea. I know that the TC 292 members are very excited to go to Korea.  On behalf of all of them, TC 292 is very grateful for the invitation to Jeju. We are looking forward to learning more about the country and culture. We already know that the people of Korea are very friendly and easy to work with. Personally, I am so much looking forward to coming to Korea.

Interview made by Stefan Tangen