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ISO 22327 - new standardization project about early warning systems for landslides

ISO/TC 292 has recently approved a new project proposed by the Indonesian national standardization body BSN. A landslide often causes high material damage with corresponding costs or even personal injury and death. This new project on early warning systems will help warn populations in disaster prone areas of the risks and actions needed in the likelihood of a landslide.

ISO 22327 Security and resilience – Emergency Management – Community-based landslide early warning system, will serve to empower individuals and communities who are vulnerable to landslides to act in sufficient time in appropriate ways to reduce the possibility of injuries, loss of life and damage to property and the environment. It is designed to encourage communities to play a much more active role in their own protection.

Working Group 3 on Emergency management will be responsible for developing the standard and a first meeting about the work will be held in conjunction with the next ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting held in Edinburgh in early September. Experts that want to join this work should contact their national standardization body for further instructions.    

In addition, an article regarding this work written by Elizabeth Gasiorowski-Denis was recently published on ISO's webpage.