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ISO and funding of developing country participation

The participation of developing countries in the work of ISO/TC 292 have always been a prioritized topic considering that many disasters strike in poorer parts in the world. Hopefully the new ISO Action Plan for developing countries 2016-2020 will make it easier for experts representing ISO members in developing countries to join the work.

In the framework of the new ISO Action Plan , ISO members in developing countries are entitled to three sponsorships per calendar year to attend technical committee meetings of their choice, funded by ISO.

To qualify, the ISO developing country member should to be listed on both the ISO list of developing countries  and the OECD’s Development Assistance Committee Official Development Assistance (ODA) recipients  

For each sponsorship requested, the ISO member must fulfil the following criteria:

  1. be a P-member in the specific committee or group for which the sponsorship is being requested;
  2. have a national mirror committee in place, or plans to establish one on the subject;
  3. demonstrate that the candidate nominated for the sponsorship plays a role within the relevant national mirror committee;
  4. ensure that the candidate nominated reports back to ISO on his or her attendance as well as to the relevant national mirror committee.

The sponsorship grant will cover the costs of travel and stay of the candidate, duly nominated by the ISO member, to attend a technical committee, sub-committee and working group meeting.

Åsa Kyrk Gere, chair of ISO/TC 292 states:
"This is very good news for us as a committee. We have been explained to ISO that it is difficult for many DCs to particpate in our activities without support. Hopefully we will now get more representation in the committee"