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ISO decides to merge several Technical Committees to ISO/TC 292

The Technical management Board of ISO (TMB) has taken the decision to create a new ISO Technical committee called ISO/TC 292. This will have a signicant effect on the organisation of ISO/TC 223 since it will be merged into this new organisation.

The official starting date for the work of this TC will be 2015-01-01, at which date the three committees ISO/TC 223 Societal security, ISO/TC 247 Fraud countermeasures and controls and ISO/PC 284 Management system for quality of private security company (PSC) operations will be disbanded and their work incorporated into this new structure.

This new TC clarifies ISO’s structural organization on security matters, and prepares ISO to tackle future topics in this field by creating a de-facto coordination body within the TC central structure. This structure is optimized to limit and prevent conflict or duplication of work. It will assist public administrations/authorities with a general interest and protective mission to optimize their participation in ISO's work in this sector. Non-Profit organizations with limited resources will also benefit from this simplified structure.

The creation of this TC will not impact the progress of existing work items in the sector – current projects (mainly from ISO/TC 223, ISO/TC 247 and ISO/PC 284) will all be reallocated within this new committee, whose structure will be decided by the TC itself, once it is formed.