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ISO publishes ISO/TR 22351 which provides a new message structure for exchange of information

Clear situation awareness is a key factor for effective emergency response. The building of an operational picture is based on the integration and assessment of information collected from the different teams of responders and other information sources. It relies on exchange of information. The ability to exchange information in a timely and secure manner is critical to the effective conduct of emergency management. ISO hopes that this new Technical Report will help organizations and systems to exchange information more easily especially in a crises situation.

This Technical Report describes a message structure for the exchange of information between organisations involved in emergency management. An organisation can ingest the received information, based on the message structure, in its own operational picture. The intended audience of ISO/TR 22351 is control room engineers, information systems designers and decision makers in emergency management.

ISO/TR 22351 describes the message structure built in order to facilitate interoperability between existing and new information systems.

The structured message is called EMSI (Emergency Management Shared Information).


Martine Coutier (France),the  project leader responsible for the development of ISO/TR 22351, explains:

"This Technical Report proposes a structured message in order to facilitate theses exchanges. The message is flexible with regard to the regulations of nations and organizations. It helps the operational information exchange between organisations, especially when different terminologies or different languages are used as in civil–military cooperation, trans-border collaboration or multi-agency emergencies. It enables all involved organisations to co-operate with a high level of interoperability as described in ISO 22320"

Stefan Tangen, Convenor of the Communication Group of the ISO technical committee that developed the new standard, states:

"This Technical Report is part of a series of standards on Emergency Management developed by ISO technical committee ISO/TC 292. Other standards are also under development on topics such as Business continuity management, Organisational resilience, Security management and Fraud countermeasures and control."

ISO/TR 22351:2015 Societal security – Emergency management – Message structure for exchange of information, is available from ISO national member institutes (see the complete list with contact details). It may also be obtained directly from the ISO Central Secretariat, price 198 Swiss francs respectively through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department.