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ISO publishes a new Vocabulary on Security and resilience

The International Organization for Standardization has published a new edition of ISO 22300, which defines terms used in security and resilience standards. ISO 22300:2018 Security and resilience - Vocabulary replaces the previous version from 2012 which has been expanded to cover 277 terms.

The revised ISO 22300 covers the whole area of Security and resilience while the 1st edition only covered standards published by the now dissolved committee ISO/TC 223 on Societal security. ISO 22300 is also normatively referenced in all new documents published by the committee and contains all relevant terminology for the developed standards.


Norma McCormick  from Canada and project leader responsible for the revision of ISO 22300, explains:

"We have recently completed the revision of ISO 22300, adding new terms and definitions from ISO/TC 292 standards published since the last revision. The FDIS ballot received 100% approval. As ISO 22300 is intended to be a “living document”, we will continue the work an add more terms to the document as new standards are being published by the committee.  In practice, this means that the revision cycle of ISO 22300 will be much shorter than other standards."

The work has been done by Working Group 1 – Terminology in ISO/TC 292  which is responsible for the development and co-ordination of terms and definitions for security and resilience standards. Working Group 1 also have leadership role within the committee for its User Friendly Standards initiative, reviewing committee drafts and encouraging the use of clear language.

Norma McCormick continues:

"As part of the User Friendly Standards initiative we have the opportunity to encourage the consistency and alignment of committee drafts, promote the use of common terms and definitions in ISO/TC 292 standards and provide guidance on how to write standards in understandable English, keeping a focus on the needs of the standards users.  While TC 292 standards are developed in English, they may be translated into other languages as they are adopted. In our Working Group we benefit from the participation of non-English speakers to address translation concerns as standards are drafted and can identify terms and definitions that may present problems in translation.

A summery of all terms in ISO 22300 can be found here 

ISO 22300:2018, Security and resilience – Vocabulary, is freely available on the ISO Online Browsing Plattform but can also be obtain from ISO national member institutes and the ISO Store .