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ISO TC 292 releases video on ISO 22319 on planning for the involvement of spontaneous volunteers

ISO/TC 292 on Security and Resilience has just launched a video about ISO 22319 - Guidelines for planning the involvement of spontaneous volunteers, in which experts and users share their perspectives on how the new standard will help organizations to get organized and engage spontaneous volunteers as part of managing emergencies.

Spontaneous volunteers offers of help during and following incidents are a growing phenomenon. While many people are willing to join a voluntary organization, they are now also likely to make short-term offers to assist without committing to an individual agency. In addition, as a result of media attention, the widespread use of social media and the desire to help those in need, an increasing number of SVs are coming forward in all regions of the world. 

Duncan Shaw (UK), the project leader responsible for writing ISO 22319, explains:

"SVs can provide a significant resource of timely labour, skills and abilities to enhance the capacity of incident responseDuncan Shaw organizations, provide valuable local knowledge and personalize the response and recovery in an area by members of its local community. However, in large numbers, SVs can overwhelm incident response organizations, interfere with operations and create additional risks. SVs who provide relief outside of the official operations can put themselves in danger, as well as those they aim to help. It is important to understand and implement best practices for involving and mobilizing SVs, and the integration of SVs into response and recovery activities needs to be carefully managed.  

This document provides guidance for the involvement of SVs in incident response and recovery, so that both official and unofficial resources are used effectively. It considers the preparatory measures for organizing the involvement of SVs in the different stages of an incident, including planning for the selection of SVs, safely involving SVs in an operational response, and continuing the involvement of SVs over the longer-term."

Learn all about ISO 22319 in our 5 minute video.