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ISO/TC 292 held its first plenary meeting in Morioka

On March 8 to 13, ISO/TC 292 held its first plenary meeting in Morioka, Japan together with all active working groups. It was a succssfull meeting which gathered about 120 delegates representing 21 countries.

Tc 292

As expected at a first meeting, much discussion was spent on finding common goals for the committee and agreeing on how to best organise the work. It was decided to propose to change the title of the committee to "Security and resilience" and to refine the scope to "Standardization in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society. Excluded: Sector specific security projects developed in other relevant ISO committees.". 

The organisation of all work will evolve over time but it was agreed to start with six working groups covering:

Working Group 1: Terminology

Working Group 2: Continuity and resilience

Working Group 3: Emergency management

Working Group 4: Fraud countermeasures and controls

Working Group 5: Public and community resilience

Working Group 6: Security

Some support functions were also established:

  • Communications Group
  • Developing Country Contact Group
  • Task Force for cooperation with UN agencies 

ISO/TC 292 is responsible for 18 active projects which were discussed and further developed in numerous of working groups meetings.