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New edition of “ISO 22300 Security and resilience - Vocabulary"

ISO has circulated a Draft International Standard (DIS) for ballot for the next edition of “ISO 22300 Security and resilience - Vocabulary". The ballot is open for comment until June 06 and available for public review.

ISO 22300 provides definitions of generic terms and subject specific terms related to documents produced by ISO/TC 292. It aims to encourage a mutual and consistent understanding and use of uniform terms and definitions in processes and frameworks developed by its Working Groups. ISO 22300 was first published in 2012, updated in 2018 and is frequently updated as the need for common terminology grow the more standards that are published.

This document can be applied as a reference by authorities, as well as specialists involved in standardization systems, to better and more accurately understand relevant text, correspondences and communications.

Norma McCormick (Canada), the convenor of WG 1 and responsible for the revision of ISO 22300, explains:Norma McCormick

“This 3rd edition will cancel and replace the 2nd second edition from 2018. The main changes compared to the previous edition are that terms have been added from recent published documents and documents transferred to ISO/TC 292. The terms and definitions are also divided into the subclauses General terms, Terms related to tax stamps, Terms related to supply chain and other terms.”

The text of the Draft International Standard (DIS) is available for free on the ISO-Online Browsing Platform (OBP).

Any feedback or questions on this document should be directed to the user's national standards body. A complete listing of these bodies can be found at www.iso.org/members.html