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Revised ISO 22300 circulated as DIS

ISO/TC 292 is currently working on terminology issues and considering that the a new version of ISO 22300 has been circulated for ballot, we talked to the WG 1 Convenor Norma McCormick (Canada) to explain their work.

What is the task of Working Group 1 in ISO/TC 292?Norma

Working Group 1 is responsible for maintaining ISO 22300 – Security and resilience – Terminology. Working Group 1 reviewed the terms and definitions from the current ISO/TC 292 standards published up to March 2016. These terms were identified, including duplicate definitions for terms used in the standards that had been developed previous to the amalgamation of ISO/TC 8, ISO/TC 223, ISO/TC247 and ISO/PC 284 into ISO/TC 292, and incorporated into a revised ISO 22300. The new version contains about 300 terms and definitions expanding the previous document with more than 200%.

Where in the process is ISO 22300 and when will the new version be published?

By unanimous resolution taken at the 3rd meeting in Edinburgh the convenor and secretary for WG 1 were instructed to submit a draft of ISO 22300 to the ISO/TC 292 secretariat for DIS ballot. The voting opened on 2016-12-28 and will close on 2017-03-21. Any comments received following the comment period would be passed onto the Working Group responsible for the standard in which the term appears.  Assuming a positive outcome on the ballot, likely as all the terms and definitions in the new ISO 22300 were drawn from published standards, we will proceed to publication following the 4th meeting to be held in Jeju, South Korea in April 2017. This second edition of ISO 22300 will then be available on the ISO web site.

What more is Working Group 1 involved in?

WG 1 – Terminology is also a “service working group” to other working groups within TC 292. Our role is to monitor and encourage the consistency and alignment of working drafts and promote the use common terms and definitions in the standards produced by ISO/TC 292 Working Groups.   A consistent approach to new standards on security and resilience in new standards and future revisions of existing standards will increase their value to users.  Working Group 1 has developed and maintains ISO/TC 292 WG 1 Lexicon - Consistency and alignment of working drafts and the development of terms and definitions for use in ISO/TC 292 Standards.

Finally, ISO/TC 292 supports ISO’s Plain Language Initiative to develop user-friendly standards.  This task is led by Working Group 1. The objectives of this initiative are to reduce risks of misunderstanding the intention of content and improve readability and understandability for standards users. It is anticipated that this will also assist in translation, making standards easier to understand across languages, and promote a positive reputation for ISO/TC 292.

Interview made by Stefan Tangen