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Understanding risks related to product fraud

As ISO 19564 was recently approved by ISO/TC 292 as a Committee Draft, we decided to talk to Hyeonho Park from Korea who is the project leader responsible for the development of "ISO 19564 Security and resilience - Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents - General principles for product fraud risk".

Please highlight the benefits of ISO 19564?

ISO 19564 provides good practice and easy-to-use guidelines for an organization to understand and identify the risks related to various types of product fraud and product counterfeiters / fraudsters and to evaluate how much potential loss could be saved by an security investment as bespoke countermeasures. Stakeholders will be able to make  reasonable decisions on security investment through the analysis of the monetary value of the investment by comparing with the monetary value of the risk reduction.

What kind of expertise are you looking for in order to finalize ISO 19564?

We are looking for experts from a variety of field, such as business management, service providers, brand owners, consumer associations, security industry, government regulators, law enforcement, etc. Each expertise will be able to give more sophisticated input for more reliable and valid response and countermeasures to take for the purpose of preventing and deterring product fraud.

What are the key challenges in developing ISO 19564?

The challenges are in how ISO 19564 can influence other relevant standards in WG positively and productively as a fundamental standard of principles for the authenticity, integrity and trust of products and documents. ISO 19564 is based upon the theory and notion of 'Crime Science' which is the study of crime in order to find systematic ways to prevent and reduce the problem and how to better apply science and technology to understand crime problems such as product fraud. However, the WG experts with different academic and professional backgrounds have been successfully narrowing the gap between diverse expertise by closely working together.

What is your personal motivation to work in ISO/TC 292 and why does your organization support your involvement?Projectleader ISO 19564

Having law enforcement and security research career in the field of fraud crime and risk management, it is valuable for me as the project leader to contribute to global security of protecting consumers and potential users from lethal harm caused by counterfeiters and fraudsters. At the same time, I enjoy learning from the other experts in the working group, which is also beneficial in developing and improving ISO 19564 and possibly subsequent new item proposals.

Interview made by Joachim Koerner