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Working Group 6 meeting in Paris

Working Group 6 is addressing the range of and requirement for additional standards in the area of protective security – the protection of people, assets, information and capability from malicious actions. The group met in Paris on 14 and 15 May 2016 to continue work on the development of the roadmap and consider the action plan to frame the work of the group, set priorities for standards and build public engagement.

About 30 experts particpated in the meeting.  At the moment, work is being done on the ISO 22311 on video surveillance formats (which is under revision). The rest of the discussion was mostly about setting up the work ahead.   

Three taskforces were set up to continue research key issues and develop positions for the group to present to the next plenary in Edinburgh.

These taskforces are;

  • TF1 : review of protective security material –to gather and review a sufficient range of protective security related standards & frameworks and make recommendations for WG6. Led by Jason Brown,
  • TF2 : private security operations assessment of ISO 18788 – to investigate the issue, bring justification and gather relevant material in order to make recommendations for the next WG6. Led by Pierre Novaro, and 
  • TF3 : basic requirements in protective security management for SMOs – to study a need of potential work item on this issue and encourage experts to bring material. Led by Jean-Marc Picard.

People wishing to support the work of the taskforces should contact their national standards body and ask to be registered in the committee.