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ISO 22328 Security and resilience - Emergency management - Guidelines for implementation of a community-based natural disasters early warning system

This project will result in a International standard with a series of parts that gives guidelines for natural disasters early warning system. It provides a definition, aims to improve understanding, describes methods and procedures to be implemented, and gives examples of types of activities. It is applicable to communities vulnerable to natural disasters, without taking secondary effects into consideration. It recognizes population behaviour response planning as a key part of the preparedness. It takes into account the approach of ISO 22315 and provides additional specifications for natural disasters.

Professor Teuku Faisal Fathani (Indonesia), the project leader responsible for the development of ISO 22328 series, explains:

"Natural disasters are natural process of earth such as earthquake, tsunami, volcanic eruption, flood, drought, landslide, and hurricane events that can lead to a devastating impact. Natural disasters could happen anytime to anyone who lives in disaster prone area. These disasters have injured and killed human lives and resulted in tremendous losses in economics, social and environment. Even though natural disasters are believed to be natural phenomenon of earth, however its occurrence has become a threat to human safety and well-being as the human population and needs increase.

The mitigation of natural disasters can be conducted by hard and soft approaches. Hard approaches include the construction of prevention works and protection works to natural disasters, all of which would require a high cost and time. Furthermore, the implementation of these measures might not be effective considering that natural disasters can have a vary and wide range of impact. Therefore, an effective disaster risk reduction should be achieved by implementing not only hard approaches but also soft approaches by means improving the community’s preparedness in regard to the implementation of early warning system.

The community-based natural disasters early warning system is proposed to empowers individuals and communities who lived in hazards prone area, to increase their awareness, to evacuate in a sufficient time and to reduce losses caused by natural disaster such as injuries, loss of life, and damage of property and the environment."

The parts in this series are:

  • Part 1: General guidelines for the implementation of a community-based disaster early warning system 
  • Part 2: Landslide [Under development, will replace ISO 22327]
  • Part 3: Tsunami
  • Part 4: Earth quake [Planned]