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ISO 22340 Security and resilience - Protective security - Guidelines for security architecture, framework and controls

This project will result in an International Standard that will detail the enterprise architecture, management framework and guidelines necessary to implement a principles-based approach to mitigating and managing protective security risk. This international standard will be helpful to any organisation in implementing and defining a structure for the range of protective security measures (security governance, information security, personnel security and physical security) in a way that is strategically aligned and cost effective.

Matthew Curtis (Australia), the project leader responsible for the development of ISO 22340, explain the justification of this project:

"A clear set of standardized principles, outcomes and controls will be helpful across the global security world, in protecting people, information and assets in a much more coherent and effective fashion than hitherto. Such a standard will bring a number of benefits, including uniformity, increased dialogue among adoptees (and more uniform continual improvement), development of vertical solutions, agility through clear understanding and ease of uptake across the security profession and communities.
Currently, there are many security-related standards which provide guidance on securit y practices in various domains – transport security, security operations, electronic security, information security and physical security, for example. While to various degrees linked by normative referencing, there is yet to be an overarching principles -based architecture within which standards and the practices of entities regarding protective security can be strategically aligned; or actually protective security actually is and how each body of work (standard or enterprise security measure) relates to and assists in delivering it.

Working Group 6 is responsible for this project and is looking for more experts with expertice in protective security. If you wish to join the project team, please contact your National Standards Body.  

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