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ISO 22359 Security and resilience — Hardened protective shelters — Guidelines

This project will result in a International standard that gives guidelines for hardened protective shelters. A hardened protective shelter is a blast protected and gastight purpose-built structure with a possibility to maintain a sufficient internal overpressure using purified filtered air to prevent entry of all possible toxic substance the ambient air may contain.

The International Standard will include guidelines for the design, construction, use and maintenance of hardened protective shelters, which are purpose-built protective structures hardened against the effects of hazards by providing a mechanical shield to isolate the shelter occupants from the specified external threats, usually by means of heavily reinforced concrete or bedrock.

Pertti Woitsch (Finland), convenor of WG 10, explains:

"This International Standard will offer guidance related to the parts, features, equipment, actions and responsibilities related to each phase of the life cycle of a shelter and deliver instructions to all relevant stakeholders in their endeavours to protect citizens, assets and important societal functions against harmful effects of hazards, which can be intentionally caused by humans, initiated accidentally or caused through natural conditions."

The International Standard will be intended to be used by organizations or individuals being responsible for or involved in decision-making, planning, implementation, administration, use or upkeep of shelters, such as local, regional and national governments, civil protection agencies, first responders and businesses such as designers, constructers and equipment suppliers.

This project will not cover the minimum requirements or exact specifications for the properties of or actions related to a shelter, as these normally are detailed in national legislation and regulations of each country. Nor does it cover rapidly erected temporary shelters, such as lightweight canvas weather shelters, other tarp tent shelters, or metal and container shelters.

If you wish to take part in the development of ISO 22359 you should contact your national standards body to register as an expert in WG 10.