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ISO 22325:2016 Security and resilience - Emergency management - Guidelines for capability assessment

This International Standard provides guidelines for an organization in assessing its emergency management capability. It includes 1) an assessment model with a hierarchy of four levels; 2) eight indicators; 3) an assessment process, explaining how to plan, collect, analyse and report. This International Standard is intended to be used by organizations responsible and accountable for emergency management. Each organization’s context can involve a mix of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

A capability assessment can be used to:

  • ensure regulatory compliance, reduce risk and meet the safety expectations of the population;
  • improve organizational processes;
  • enhance partnership, coordination and cooperation within an organization and with other agencies and sectors;
  • share best practices;
  • promote continual improvement.

A capability assessment can be performed by the organization itself or by an external organization.

Hui Zhang (China), the project leader responsible for the development of ISO 22325, explains:

"Organizations can define their context to allow for an appropriate assessment of its emergency management capability. This context can be expressed through identifying appropriate activities in relation to prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery. While most organizations deliver all emergency management functions, some organizations can be responsible for only a single function so not all the indicators will apply."

ISO 22325:2016, Security and resilience - Emergency management - Guidelines for capability assessment, is available from ISO national member institutes. It may also be obtained directly from the ISO Central Secretariat, respectively through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department.


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