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ISO 22379 Security and resilience – Guidelines for hosting and organizing large citywide events

This project will result in an International Standard that provides guidelines for the process of preliminary planning, planning, execution and evaluation of large citywide events. It will recommend steps on how to organize and/or host large citywide events with regards to Public Safety and Security as well as Service and Business Continuity for all relevant stakeholders.

The guidelines will be applicable to any city and/or organization that plan for large citywide events and needs to understand:

  1. How the event will impact the host city operationally and financially and/or
  2. How to manage and neutralize the additional risk caused by the event and/or
  3. How to establish and organize the Public Safety Management, Emergency Management and Service Continuity Management during the event to ensure neutralization of the identified unwanted additional risk caused by the event.

Ivar Lunde (Norway), the project leader responsible for writing ISO 22379, explains:Ivar Lunde

"Studies and experiences from several citywide events have shown that the societal risk normally rise considerable during citywide events, and that the total cost of hosting and organizing the events exceed the original budgets considerably. The overall planning and execution for large citywide events requires several stakeholders to cooperate to identify and implement necessary preventive and protective measures. The planning of citywide events requires thorough preparation and responsible execution to ensure that the event is organized and hosted with an acceptable risk profile on public safety, and within the budgeted economic frames.

Attracting world class events such as the Olympics, World Championships and other large sports and cultural events, are regarded as a fundamental strategy to help cities and their countries elevate and promote themselves. However, these events have a massive impact on the city and the daily life of the inhabitants. "