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ISO 22396 Security and resilience - Guidelines for information exchange between organisations

This International Standard provides guidelines for information exchange, through using principles, a framework and a process. It seeks to create mechanisms for information exchange by which a participating organization can learn from other´s experiences, mistakes and successes. It can be used to guide the maintenance of the information exchange arrangement in order to increase commitment and engagement. It provides measures that enhances the participating organizations capability to cope with disruption risk.

This international standard is intended to be used by private and public actors in need of guidance for how to set up conditions for information exchange. This international standard does not cover technical aspects, but focuses on methodology issues.

Roger Holfeldt (Sweden), the project leader responsible for the development of ISO 22396 explains: Roger Holfeldt

"The landscape for risk has changed for all actors in the society, enterprises, public organizations, political bodies and individuals have become more interconnected and interdependent, resulting in risks to overlap and cross boundaries. The increasing number of critical societal infrastructure or services that are privately managed or owned sets new requirements on cooperation and information exchange for capacity building purposes. Since ownership patterns over vital societal functions have changed, there is an increasing need to involve private enterprises when developing mechanisms for increased preparedness and capacity, experience and knowledge exchange.

Information exchange arrangements can lead to increased knowledge and understanding of events surrounding some of the participating organizations while not directly affecting them, providing them with insight in possible risks or threats. Information exchange will therefore assist in ensuring preventive measures and capacity building which will result in a general increase in societal security." 

This international standard on guidelines for information exchange in partnering arrangements will assist in setting up practices for successful information exchange with the objective to strengthen coping capacity in the society will further contribute to societal resilience.

ISO 22396:2020, Security and resilience - Community resilience - Guidelines for information exchange between organizations, is available from ISO national member institutes. It may also be obtained directly from the ISO Central Secretariat, respectively through the ISO Store or by contacting the Marketing, Communication & Information department. 

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