Åsa welcome

Mrs Åsa Kyrk Gere, Chair

Welcome to ISO/TC 292 Online!

ISO/TC 292 on "Security and resilience" develops international standards in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society. 

Here you can find everything you need to know about this committee and the work that we are doing. We hope that you find our developed ISO standards useful and I would also like to invite you to contribute to the ongoing work as well as becoming a member of the committee.


A projects leaders view on ISO 22330

2016-09-20 kl. 09:55
We took the opportunity to talk to Lynne Donaldson at the recent meeting of ISO/TC 292 in Edinburgh. Lynne is the project leader of ISO 22330 which has recently been approved as work item in the committee.

3rd plenary meeting held in Edinburgh

2016-09-14 kl. 10:14
On September 9, the 3rd plenary meeting was concluded after 6 days of intense and fruitful discussions. More than 150 delegates participated in the meeting representing 23 countries, making this the largest meeting in the history of the committee. The meeting was held at the City Chambers and hosted by the British national standardization body: BSI.

TMB approves the strategic business plan

2016-08-26 kl. 10:28
The Technical Management Board of ISO has now formally approved ISO/TC 292's suggestion for a Strategic Business Plan for the work of the committee.

ISO 22327 - new standardization project about early warning systems for landslides

2016-08-01 kl. 13:33
ISO/TC 292 has recently approved a new project proposed by the Indonesian national standardization body BSN. A landslide often causes high material damage with corresponding costs or even personal injury and death. This new project on early warning systems will help warn populations in disaster prone areas of the risks and actions needed in the likelihood of a landslide.

Working Group 4 meeting in Seoul

2016-06-13 kl. 11:09
Working Group 4 is responsible for drafting standards on authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents. The group met in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 9th-13th of May 2016 to continue the work on the development of the roadmap and drafting of the standards in production.


Upcoming events

6th DCCG meeting 
October 20, WebEx

10th Communication Group meeting
October [TBD], WebEx

ISO 19564 Project team meeting
February 1, WebEx

4th Working Group 4 meeting
February 2-3, Berlin

4th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
Last week of April, in Korea

5th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
Last week of November, in Australia