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Mrs Åsa Kyrk Gere, Chair

Welcome to ISO/TC 292 Online!

The mission for ISO/TC 292 Security and resilience is to produce high quality standards to support nations, societies, industry, organisations and people in general. The purpose of these standards is to enhance and sustain the state of being free from danger or threat and to feel safe, stable, and free from fear or anxiety.

Here you can find everything you need to know about our committee and the work that we are doing. We hope that you find our developed ISO standards useful and I would also like to invite you to contribute to the ongoing work as well as becoming a member of the committee.


Linking standardization and research

2017-02-06 kl. 14:05
At the Edinburgh plenary meeting, we took the opportunity to chat with Dr. Lisa Ficklin, from the UK who is the Project Lead for the development of ISO 22395 - Guidelines for supporting community response to vulnerable people. Following the plenary meeting, WG5 recommended that the Committee Draft be progressed to a Draft International Standard (DIS).

A Risk Ambassador heading into well deserved obscurity

2017-01-18 kl. 14:55
On December 31, Kevin W Knight retired as chair of ISO/TC 262 Risk management. Kevin is also an active member of ISO/TC 292 and serves as secretary of WG 1. He has spent over 25 years working in national security and risk management roles for a number of Australian government departments and authorities and 10 years with the department of education in the state of Queensland before he retired in 2004. Today he fills his time in numerous honorary capacities and as a lecturer with Australian universities.

BCM from a strategic perspective

2016-11-11 kl. 12:58
At the last plenary meeting we took the opportunity to discuss with Mr Brian Zawada from USA and project leader for ISO 22331 on "Security and resilience - Business continuity management systems - Guidelines for business continuity strategy"

ISO 22325 - new standard for emergency management capability assessment

2016-10-25 kl. 16:17
ISO has published a new standard that provides guidelines for an organization in assessing its emergency management capability. It includes 1) an assessment model with a hierarchy of four levels; 2) eight indicators; 3) an assessment process, explaining how to plan, collect, analyse and report. This International Standard isintended to be used by organizations responsible and accountable for emergency management. Each organization’s context can involve a mix of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

With interoperability in focus

2016-09-30 kl. 16:05
At the last meeting of ISO/TC 292, which took place in Edinburgh in September 2016, we talked to Mrs Marietta Ulrich-Horn, project leader of ISO 20229 on “interoperability of object identification and authentication systems”. The project has just reached the committee draft stage and will also within short receive a new number in the 34000 series.


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