Here you can find contact details for all people in ISO/TC 292 who have assumed a leadership role in the committee. They will provide more information about the standards work in progress, as well as published standards. Please note that all formal communication to ISO/TC 292 should go through the secretariat (Chair/Secretary).

ISO/TC 292 secretariat (all formal communication to the committee)

Åsa Chair
Åsa Kyrk Gere
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
+46 10 240 5026
Bengt Rydstedt  Secretary
Bengt Rydstedt
SIS, Swedish standards institute
+46 8 555 52000 


Convenors responsible for the work in the Working Groups


Convenor WG 1
Norma McCormick
Corporate Health Works, Inc


Convenor WG 2 
Continuity and organizational resilience
James Crask


Convenor WG 3 
Emergency management
Rainer Koch
Institute for Fire Fighting and Rescue Technology


Convenor WG 4
Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents  
Wolfgang Klasen 
Siemens Corporate Technology


Convenor WG 5 
Community resilience
Duncan Shaw
University of Manchester


Convenor WG 6 
Protective security

Patrick Butor


Convenor DCCG
Developing Country Cooperation Group

Zoran Kekovic
University of Belgrade


Convenor CG
Communication Group
Stefan Tangen
Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency
+46 10 240 4166 






Upcoming events

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22382)
27 April, WebEx

WG 2 meeting (ISO 22332)
28-30 May, [TBD]

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22384)
4 June, WebEx

WG 4 meeting (ISO 22383)
5 June, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
29 May, WebEx

WG 4 meeting
29-30 August, WebEx

Communication Group meeting
[TBD] September, WebEx

6th ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting
7-12 October, 2018, in Norway [tentative]