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Interview with the Chair about the upcoming plenary in Korea

2017-04-19 kl. 09:02
In a couple of week’s time ISO/TC 292 will have its 4th plenary meeting together with all its working groups. We took the opportunity to talk to the Chair Åsa Kyrk Gere about the status of the work.

ISO 22319 - new standard that provides guidelines for planning the involvement of volunteers

2017-04-12 kl. 10:00
When disasters strike, citizens will try to help in any way they can. Spontaneous volunteers (SVs) are people who offer their help following an emergency. While they can provide many benefits, they can also pose challenges for organizations managing the emergency. ISO has published a new Standard which provides guidelines for planning the involvement of spontaneous volunteers (SVs) in incident response and recovery.

ISO and funding of developing country participation

2017-03-23 kl. 12:57
The participation of developing countries in the work of ISO/TC 292 have always been a prioritized topic considering that many disasters strike in poorer parts in the world. Hopefully the new ISO Action Plan for developing countries 2016-2020 will make it easier for experts representing ISO members in developing countries to join the work.

Revised ISO 22300

2017-03-13 kl. 13:54
ISO/TC 292 is currently working on terminology issues and considering that the a new version of ISO 22300 has been circulated for ballot, we talked to the WG 1 Convenor Norma McCormick (Canada) to explain their work.

Understanding risks related to product fraud

2017-02-28 kl. 09:27
As ISO 19564 was recently approved by ISO/TC 292 as a Committee Draft, we decided to talk to Hyeonho Park from Korea who is the project leader responsible for the development of "ISO 19564 Security and resilience - Authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents - General principles for product fraud risk".

Linking standardization and research

2017-02-06 kl. 14:05
At the Edinburgh plenary meeting, we took the opportunity to chat with Dr. Lisa Ficklin, from the UK who is the Project Lead for the development of ISO 22395 - Guidelines for supporting community response to vulnerable people. Following the plenary meeting, WG5 recommended that the Committee Draft be progressed to a Draft International Standard (DIS).

A Risk Ambassador heading into well deserved obscurity

2017-01-18 kl. 14:55
On December 31, Kevin W Knight retired as chair of ISO/TC 262 Risk management. Kevin is also an active member of ISO/TC 292 and serves as secretary of WG 1. He has spent over 25 years working in national security and risk management roles for a number of Australian government departments and authorities and 10 years with the department of education in the state of Queensland before he retired in 2004. Today he fills his time in numerous honorary capacities and as a lecturer with Australian universities.

BCM from a strategic perspective

2016-11-11 kl. 12:58
At the last plenary meeting we took the opportunity to discuss with Mr Brian Zawada from USA and project leader for ISO 22331 on "Security and resilience - Business continuity management systems - Guidelines for business continuity strategy"

ISO 22325 - new standard for emergency management capability assessment

2016-10-25 kl. 16:17
ISO has published a new standard that provides guidelines for an organization in assessing its emergency management capability. It includes 1) an assessment model with a hierarchy of four levels; 2) eight indicators; 3) an assessment process, explaining how to plan, collect, analyse and report. This International Standard isintended to be used by organizations responsible and accountable for emergency management. Each organization’s context can involve a mix of prevention, mitigation, preparedness, response and recovery activities.

With interoperability in focus

2016-09-30 kl. 16:05
At the last meeting of ISO/TC 292, which took place in Edinburgh in September 2016, we talked to Mrs Marietta Ulrich-Horn, project leader of ISO 20229 on “interoperability of object identification and authentication systems”. The project has just reached the committee draft stage and will also within short receive a new number in the 34000 series.

A developing country´s perspective on ISO/TC 292

2016-09-30 kl. 09:44
Several members of ISO/TC 292 comes from Developing Countries. At the last plenary meeting we took the opportunity to discuss with Dr Dwikorita Karnawati, a Professor in Engineering Geology and Disaster Risk Reduction at the University Gadjah Mada. Indonesia is very active in the committee and hosted the 2nd plenary and they also lead the work on ISO22327 on Early warning systems for landslides.

A projects leaders view on ISO 22330

2016-09-20 kl. 09:55
We took the opportunity to talk to Lynne Donaldson at the recent meeting of ISO/TC 292 in Edinburgh. Lynne is the project leader of ISO 22330 which has recently been approved as work item in the committee.

3rd plenary meeting held in Edinburgh

2016-09-14 kl. 10:14
On September 9, the 3rd plenary meeting was concluded after 6 days of intense and fruitful discussions. More than 150 delegates participated in the meeting representing 23 countries, making this the largest meeting in the history of the committee. The meeting was held at the City Chambers and hosted by the British national standardization body: BSI.

TMB approves the strategic business plan

2016-08-26 kl. 10:28
The Technical Management Board of ISO has now formally approved ISO/TC 292's suggestion for a Strategic Business Plan for the work of the committee.

ISO 22327 - new standardization project about early warning systems for landslides

2016-08-01 kl. 13:33
ISO/TC 292 has recently approved a new project proposed by the Indonesian national standardization body BSN. A landslide often causes high material damage with corresponding costs or even personal injury and death. This new project on early warning systems will help warn populations in disaster prone areas of the risks and actions needed in the likelihood of a landslide.

Working Group 4 meeting in Seoul

2016-06-13 kl. 11:09
Working Group 4 is responsible for drafting standards on authenticity, integrity and trust for products and documents. The group met in Seoul, Republic of Korea on 9th-13th of May 2016 to continue the work on the development of the roadmap and drafting of the standards in production.

The importance of translated standards

2016-06-01 kl. 10:44
In ISO almost all meetings are conducted in English and standards and other documents needs to be translated in order to get the widest spread in the world making them fully available for everyone. At its 2nd plenary meeting, ISO/TC 292 discussed the importance of translating ISO standards into other languages. The Russian delegation has put a special focus on translations so we took the opportunity to discuss the issue with Viacheslav Krapukhin and Elena Arefieva.

Working Group 6 meeting in Paris

2016-05-27 kl. 14:17
Working Group 6 is addressing the range of and requirement for additional standards in the area of protective security – the protection of people, assets, information and capability from malicious actions. The group met in Paris on 14 and 15 May 2016 to continue work on the development of the roadmap and consider the action plan to frame the work of the group, set priorities for standards and build public engagement.

ISODIS 22319 circulated for ballot

2016-05-16 kl. 11:17
ISO/DIS 22319 Security and resilience – Guidelines for planning the involvement of spontaneous volunteers is now available as a Draft International Standard (DIS) for public review and comment.

Working Group 2 meeting in USA

2016-05-04 kl. 13:49
On 25-27 of April WG 2 met in Boston (USA) to keep up the work in between the ISO/TC292 plenaries. The meeting was hosted by the NFPA at their newly built conference facilities and the majority of the agenda was dedicated to starting the development of two new Technical Specifications to support the Business Continuity Standards ISO 22301 and ISO 22313.

ISO DIS 22316 circulated for ballot

2016-04-27 kl. 11:25
ISO/TC 292 is in the development of a standard on organizational resilience. The project has now reached the stage Draft International Standard (DIS) is being balloted for a 3 months period. At this stage it is also possible for the public to give comments to their National Standards Body on the draft.

First year with ISOTC 292 - Interview with Åsa Kyrk Gere

2016-02-24 kl. 11:23
The 1st of January, 2015 a new committee was created under the name ISO/TC 292. The new committee was created through a merge of three existing ISO committees to enhance ISO’s prerequisites to tackle future areas in the field of security to enhance the safety and resilience of society. We contacted Åsa Kyrk Gere (Sweden), the chair of ISO/TC 292 to give her view on the work and how the first year with the committee had been.

Is there any logic to ISO numbers

2015-12-12 kl. 16:37
ISO 9001 is probably the most well recognized ISO number in the world. ISO/TC292 has published several different standards with various numbers including ISO 22301 and ISO 28000. One question that comes to mind is whether the number mean anything and if there is any logic how ISO produce its standards?
ISO/TC 292 plenary meeting on Bali

2nd plenary meeting held on Bali

2015-12-11 kl. 09:22
ISO/TC 292 successfully held its 2nd plenary meeting together with all its Working Groups on 30 November to 4 December. The Indonesian national standards body (BSN) hosted the meeting on Bali which attracted about 140 delegates representing more than 20 countries.

Leadership for WG 6

2015-10-01 kl. 15:06
After a 2nd round of voting, the leadership of Working Group 6 on "Security" has been decided.

New management system standard on private security operations

2015-09-21 kl. 12:11
ISO has published a new management system system standard that provides a framework for establishing, implementing, operating, monitoring, reviewing, maintaining and improving the management of security operations. This International Standard is specifically aimed at any organization operating in circumstances where governance may be weak and the rule of law undermined due to human or naturally caused events.

Working Group 2 meeting held in London

2015-09-18 kl. 12:54
Working Group 2 on Continuity and resilience held its first meeting in London 14-15 September. The newly appointed convenor James Crask hosted the meeting at the PwC office in central London. The meeting was also followed by an ISO conference arranged by BSI where ongoing work and published standards on continuity and resilience were presented by WG 2 experts

ISO/TS 22317 - new Technical Specification for business impact analysis

2015-09-18 kl. 09:48
ISO has published a Technical Specification addressing the design, implementation and continual improvement of a business impact analysis, as part of a business continuity management system or program. ISO/TS 22317 Societal security - Business continuity management systems - Guidelines for business impact analysis (BIA), will help public and private sector organizations, regardless of their size, location or activity, to become more resilient by establishing appropriate business continuity requirements.

ISO/TS 22318 - new Technical Specification for supply chain continuity

2015-09-17 kl. 16:26
ISO has published a Technical Specification which expands the guidance given in ISO 22313 on establishing appropriate levels of continuity management within an organisation’s supply chain. ISO/TS 22318 Societal security - Business continuity management systems - Guidelines for supply chain continuity management is relevant to both public and private sector organizations, it will be useful to those who buy, manage or are responsible for a product or service that is necessary for the organization to produce its own outputs and will assist them to apply good BCM practice in line with established ISO standards.

ISO publishes ISO/TR 22351 which provides a new message structure for exchange of information

2015-09-03 kl. 12:51
Clear situation awareness is a key factor for effective emergency response. The building of an operational picture is based on the integration and assessment of information collected from the different teams of responders and other information sources. It relies on exchange of information. The ability to exchange information in a timely and secure manner is critical to the effective conduct of emergency management. ISO hopes that this new Technical Report will help organizations and systems to exchange information more easily especially in a crises situation.

Convenors appointed in ISO/TC 292

2015-08-18 kl. 12:13
At the first meeting of ISO/TC 292 a new organization was decided to conduct the work: six Working Groups together with the two support functions Communication Group and a Developing Country Contact Group. Today the secretariat presented the newly elected leaderships for each group.

Åsa Kyrk Gere interviewed by ISO

2015-08-05 kl. 11:41
The latest issue of ISO Focus+ is devoted to the topic "When disasters strike". Åsa Kyrk Gere was interviewed by ISO to give her view as well as give an update on th work of ISO/TC 292.

ISO 22324 a new standard for colour coded alerts

2015-08-05 kl. 11:40
ISO has published an International Standard providing guidelines for the use of colour codes to inform people at risk as well as first response personnel about danger and to express the severity of a situation. ISO 22324:2015 Societal security — Emergency management — Guidelines for colour coded alerts, is applicable to all types of hazard in any location.

ISO publishes standard for public warning

2015-05-25 kl. 11:09
ISO has published the first International Standard providing guidelines for developing, managing, and implementing public warning before, during, and after incidents. ISO 22322:2015 Societal security — Emergency management — Guidelines for public warning, will help any organization responsible for public warning. It is applicable at all levels, from local up to international.

ISO/TC 292 holds it first plenary meeting in Morioka

2015-03-24 kl. 16:48
On March 8 to 13, ISO/TC 292 held its first plenary meeting in Morioka, Japan together with all active working groups. It was a succssfull meeting which gathered about 120 delegates representing 21 countries.

ISO publishes standard for planning mass evacuation

2014-12-09 kl. 15:02
ISO has published the first International Standard addressing mass evacuation. ISO 22315:2014, Societal security – Mass evacuation – Guidelines for planning, establishes a framework for each activity in mass evacuation planning for all identified hazards. It will help organizations to develop plans that are evidence-based and that can be evaluated for effectiveness.

Technical Specification to support certification of ISO 22301 published

2014-12-01 kl. 09:12
On the 1st of December 2014, ISO together with IEC published a new Technical Specification called ISO/IEC TS 17021-6.

CEN decides to adopt ISO 22311 and ISO 22313 as European standards

2014-11-28 kl. 13:48
ISO 22311 on video surveillance and ISO 22313 which gives guidance on BCM have now been adopted by CEN (the European standardization organization) as European standards. The decision was taken through CEN/TC 391, the European committee on Societal and citizen security.

Åsa Kyrk Gere appointed Chair of ISO/TC 292 and secretariat allocated to SIS

2014-10-01 kl. 14:12
At its september meeting, the ISO Technical Management Board (TMB) decided on the leadership of the new technical committee ISO/TC 292. Several countries had applied for this position but in the end it was decided to allocate the secretariat to the SIS, Swedish standards institute and to appoint Åsa Kyrk Gere as Chair for the term 2015-2010.

ISO decides to merge several Technical Committees to ISO/TC 292

2014-08-14 kl. 14:40
The Technical management Board of ISO (TMB) has taken the decision to create a new ISO Technical committee called ISO/TC 292. This will have a signicant effect on the organisation of ISO/TC 223 since it will be merged into this new organisation.

ISO 22397 for establishing partnering arrangements published

2014-08-14 kl. 14:35
ISO has published the first International Standard addressing the establishment of partnering arrangements to contribute making organizations in both public and private sectors more resilient. ISO 22397:2014, Societal security – Guidelines for establishing partnering arrangements, will help organizations, regardless of their size, location or activity, to manage multiple relationships for events impacting on societal security. It incorporates principles and describes the process for planning, developing, implementing and reviewing partnering arrangements.

CEN decides to adopt ISO 22300 and ISO 22301 as European standards

2014-06-23 kl. 11:12
ISO 22300 on terminology and ISO 22301 on BCM requirements that was published in 2012 have now been adopted by CEN (the European standardization organization) as European standards. The decision was taken through CEN/TC 391, the European committee on Societal and citizen security.

ISO publishes standard for business continuity management

2014-02-26 kl. 11:41
ISO has published the first International Standard addressing business continuity management to contribute making organizations in both public and private sectors more resilient. ISO 22301:2012, Societal security – Business continuity management systems – Requirements, will help organizations, regardless of their size, location or activity, to be better prepared and more confident to handle disruption of any type.

New ISO standard for emergency management

2014-02-26 kl. 11:38
To minimize the impact of disasters, terrorist attacks and other major incidents, ISO has published a new standard for emergency management and incident response. ISO 22320:2011, Societal security – Emergency management – Requirements for incident response, will help save lives, mitigate harm and damage and ensure continuity of basic services such as health, rescue services, water and food supplies, and electricity and fuel delivery.

ISO publishes international benchmark for incident preparedness and operational continuity management

2014-02-25 kl. 16:04
ISO has published the first internationally ratified benchmark document addressing incident preparedness and continuity management for organizations in both public and private sectors.