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Business plan

The first version of ISO/TC 292's Strategic Business Plan was approved by ISO's Technical Management Board in August 2016.

ISO/TC 292 Security and resilience has as its mission to improve security and resilience by producing high quality standards to support nations, societies, industry and people in general.The following key strategic elements are explained in the business plan below.

1. Relevance of Portfolio

The portfolio of ISO/TC 292 will be broad in scope and will continue to expand based on the importance of security standards in global society. Plus, it combines both technical requirements standards and guidance and management system type standards. This presents challenges and opportunities for the TC. The SBP seeks to provide clear and proactive objectives for standardization work which correspond to market and user needs.

2. Stakeholder Engagement

The field of security and resilience impacts on a broad range of stakeholder interests and these groups may have very divergent interests. It will be important that all affected stakeholder interests are represented. Continuing efforts will need to be made to enhance participation from key stakeholders from both developed and developing countries representing the business sector, public authorities and security groups.

3. Marketing and Communications

Marketing and communications is a key objective for ISO/TC 292. There is a strong need to communicate about the scope and purpose of ISO/TC 292 within ISO and to external groups and national standards bodies. Marketing and communication materials need to be developed and various mechanisms need to be used to disseminate this information, such as social media, seminars and public presentations. ISO/TC 292 will implement and manage targeted communications and outreach to researchers, related security and disaster management organizations and to potential users of the standards such as public authorities, government regulators and the business community.

4. Project Management

A new Technical Committee provides the opportunity to review and put in place effective project management processes. Members of ISO/TC 292 are looking for effective leadership, process improvements, timely schedules and improved communication within the committee structures. The structure of ISO/TC 292 represents the current needs and will be evolutionary in response to the volatile nature of the security environment. The leadership of ISO/TC 292 is committed to implementing a structure that reflects the various domains and supports an effective process for standards development.

The Technical Committee will make efforts to enable greater participation of stakeholders by offering, when possible, opportunities to participate in TC, WG and ad hoc committee meetings via teleconference.

The Strategic Business Plan is a public available document and the complete version can be downloaded at the following link