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5th plenary, Sydney (11-16 March, 2018)

The 5th plenary meeting was held at Standards Australias office in Sydney, Australia together with all its working groups. Around 130 delegates representing 21 countries participated in the meeting.

Summary of important decisions

ISO/TC 292 agrees to appoint Mr. Esteban Leon as Co-Convenor to replace Dan Lewis to the UN Cooperation Group.

ISO/TC 292 notes the reports from the groups below and thanks the rapporteurs and experts for their work and hereby disbands:
• Ad Hoc Group on Public Private Partnership, report provided in document N548 (based on Resolution 135)
• Ad Hoc Group on ISO/TC 292 Road Map report provided in document N546 (based on Resolution 138).

ISO/TC 292 nominates Zbigniew Sagan as Liaison Officer to ISO/TC 261 Additive Manufacturing.

ISO/TC 292 resolves to establish an internal liaison with 
• ISO/TC 59 “Buildings and civil engineering works” and invites ISO/TC 59 to reciprocate with the liaison
• CEN/TC 325 “Crime prevention through building, facility and area design” and invites CEN/TC 325 to reciprocate with the liaison

ISO/TC 292 notes the report provided in document N546 from the Ad Hoc group on Future work on resilience by the Australian Member Body, thanks the rapporteurs and experts for their work and hereby disbands the Ad Hoc Group.

Further, ISO/TC 292 assigns WG 1 Terminology to form a Project Team to study the terms ‘security’ and ‘resilience’ to provide greater clarity to the ISO/TC 292 roadmap, and  appoints Alex Webling (AU) as the Project Team leader and Brian Roylett (AU) as secretary decides that membership to the Project Team consists of up to two nominees from each Working Group and Advisory Group

ISO/TC 292 agrees to establish an Ad Hoc Group to provide a Justification Study for ISO 28000 to be approved by ISO/TC 292 and submitted to ISO MSS TF. The group has the option to suggest a change of scope if appropriate. ISO/TC 292 asks the TC Secretariat to launch a call for experts to the Ad Hoc Group and appoints Jason Brown (Australia) and Rajeev Thykatt (India) as rapporteurs.